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About Gift Nifty

Welcome to Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT Nifty)!
GIFT Nifty is an innovative derivative of the Nifty 50 index, exclusively traded in the International Financial Service Centre (IFSC) in Gandhinagar, India through NSE IFSC-SGX Connect (GIFT Connect). This cutting-edge platform allows for trading with a predetermined share price, effectively reducing future investment risks.

Key Features of Gift Nifty:

  • Launch Date: July 3, 2023
  • Trading Currency: US Dollars
  • Increased Liquidity: More efficient market for Nifty 50 index trading
  • International Investment: Attracts foreign investment into the Indian stock market
  • Hedging Benefits: Easier for Indian investors to hedge exposure to Indian rupee

Experience Gift Nifty Difference:

Gift Nifty presents a game-changing opportunity for investors seeking a more liquid and efficient market. Trading in US dollars not only enhances global accessibility but also offers unparalleled hedging benefits. By bridging the gap between foreign and Indian investors, Gift Nifty sets the stage for a groundbreaking trading experience.

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  • Gift Nifty refers to the Nifty index traded on Gift City Exchange in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), India’s first international financial services hub
  • Gift Nifty is an NSE IFSC-SGX Connect Nifty index traded on NSE International Stock Exchange located at IFSC, Gift City, Gujarat, India. As we already know, SGX Nifty has been a very popular derivative product offered by the Singapore Stock Exchange as it has given foreign investors an opportunity to participate in the Indian market. It was based on the NSE Nifty index and mainly focused on Nifty Futures, allowing foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and individuals to invest in them.
  • However, from 3 July 2023, the SGX Nifty will be delisted from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and will instead be listed on the Gujarat International Finance-Tec (GIFT) platform, specifically known as the NSE -IFSC.
  • Full operation of NSE IFSC-SGX Connect will begin on July 3, 2023, with the transition of SGX Nifty Derivatives to NSE IFSC (GIFT NIFTY). After the transition, all USD denominated Nifty derivatives will be traded exclusively on the GIFT IFSC – NSE IFSC – GIFT Connect platform

Yes, Gift Nifty has other names like

Gift Nifty Index,
Gift IFSC Nifty,
SGX Gift Nifty Price,
Gift Nifty 50 Future Live price.

Gift Nifty trading session time is divided into two Session-1 and Session-2.

  • Session 1, the pre-opening period starts at 06:15, followed by the normal market opening at 06:30 and closing at 15:40. The pre-closing period starts at 15:45 and ends at 15:55. The final time for setting position limits and collateral values ​​is 16:00, which also means the end of trade changes for Session-1
  • Session 2 starts with the pre-opening period at 16:25 and ends at 16:31. The normal market opens at 16:35 and lasts until 02:45 the next day. The cut-off time for position limits and collateral in Session-2 is 02:50 the next day. Similarly, the trade change for Session-2 also ends at 02:50 the next day. For details visit: Nifty Future Gift Trading Hours

Various factors influence SGX Nifty movements including:

Global Market Signals: The performance of the US, European and Asian markets during their respective trading hours may affect the Gift Nifty 50 Index. Movements in these markets may directly impact the current prices of the Gift Nifty Index, especially during trading hours. US market operation and early morning trading in Asian markets.

Important Events: Significant events such as RBI policy announcements, election results, release of GDP data and employment numbers can cause fluctuations in the SGX Gift Nifty. These events have market consequences and can contribute to increased market volatility.

By considering these factors and staying abreast of global market trends and important events, investors can better understand and predict SGX Nifty movements. Carrying out thorough research and analysis and keeping abreast of the latest economic news and events is essential to making informed decisions about investing in the SGX Nifty.

Gift Nifty, also known as IFSC Nifty or SGX Gift Nifty, offers foreign investors the opportunity to participate in the IFSC-NSE exchange through Nifty 50 Futures contracts. These contracts are settled based on the NIFTY 50 settlement price on NSE in India. As NSEIX allows 21-hour trading of Gift Nifty Futures, investors can cover their positions conveniently at any time. Moreover, the Gift Nifty live price serves as a reliable indicator to predict the next day’s opening of the Indian market, which attracts many retail traders who regularly monitor the Gift Nifty Live price. read more

Technical analysis is a powerful tool for traders who want to understand the current price movements and trends of the Gift Nifty. By studying historical charts, especially weekly or daily charts, traders can gain valuable insights into market behavior and identify important trading levels. These levels are tracked not only by individual investors but also by FIIs and fund managers, making them key indicators for informed decision making. Incorporating technical analysis into your trading strategies can significantly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your SGX Nifty trading activities

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